Tracklist 1. Power to the Music 2. Uncle Jack 3. Hooligan’s Holiday 4. Misunderstood 5. Loveshine 6. Poison Apples 7. John Joins the Band (John Speaks to the Audience) 8. Hammered 9. Til Death Do Us Part 10. Welcome to the Numb 11. Smoke the Sky 12. Here Is the Band (John Speaks to the Audience) 13. Droppin’ Like Flies 14. Driftaway 15. 10,000 Miles Away

Review by Jason Houston: When it was announced that lead singer Vince Neil called it quits, the band was in search of a new singer. Like most Motley Crue fans back in 1992 I was in shock, very disappointed and questioned how Motley Crue would be able to find a frontman that would be able to fill the huge shoes of Vince but the band took a while before they found the the right replacement … finally they found ex-Scream singer/guitarist: John Corabi.

Back in 1994 when Motley Crue released their self-titled album with Corabi, very few people knew anything about Corabi or had any idea who he was but 24 years later I can honestly thank the members of Motley Crue for taking the chance they did with Mr. Corabi because Motley Crue really did launch John Corabi upon the Rock World and look upon all the great music that he has released since leaving the ranks right up to his current band: The Dead Daisies!

Going back to 1994 most fans I remember thinking I couldn’t imagine what an album without Vince Neil would possibly sound like but I remember in 1994 when the new album with Corabi dropped I was going to give the new album a chance, give it a listen from top to bottom and let my ears be the Judge! I did just that and while there’s no denying that MC without Vince Neil sounded very different but I wasn’t at all disappointed at what I was hearing! Even today in 2018 I’ll go on record as saying that John Corabi is a huge talent and I’ll say a very underrated singer/songwriter!

Going back to the Motley Crue ’94 album the John Corabi influence was really huge and really felt!  I mean this was the first time on a MC album effort the band featured two guitar players. John Croabi was not just a great lead singer, but a very talented songwriter, and a guitar player as well which added a huge dimension to the band’s sound! While no one can ever deny that Motley Crue always had great songs and that’s mainly because of what a great songwriter Nikki Sixx has always been. But with Corabi in the band Motley Crue finally had a band where all 4 members contributed to the songwriting process!

Okay now after that little Motley Crue history lesson let’s get into the latest solo offering from The Dead Daisies’ lead singer John Corabi which is “One Night In Nashville”. Corabi has lived in Nashville now for a number of years which was a huge reason he decided to record this live album in his new adopted home of Nashville. I’m glad that fans are finally getting a chance to get their hands on this package because this live album has been the things that legends are made of! I say that because while “One Night In Nashville” was recorded back in 2014 and it’s a project that Corabi has been talking about for the last few years. Now the release got pushed back/delayed many times and it’s finally out there! I can say for sure that the wait was really worth it!

I put this album right up there with other great, classic live albums such as Kiss (Alive), Cheap Trick’s “Live At Budokan”, Frampton’s “Comes Alive”, Aerosmith’s “Live Bootleg”, and of course we can’t forget about The Dead Daisies’ live album “Live And Louder” that was just released last year!  With “One Night In Nashville” fans are spoiled to a real live treat, we get a live recording of Motley Crue’s 1994 album and the songs are in the same order. I’ll say for anyone who is a Crue or John Corabi fan that this a live celebration of an album that for far too long has been forgotten, ignored because maybe it came out at the wrong time. But 24 years later hearing this live album I am reminded of how many great songs were at that 1994 Motley Crue album!  Songs like “Hooligan’s Holiday” , Misunderstood”, “LoveShine”, “Poison Apples” , “Driftaway” and “10,000 Miles Away”… you just can’t go wrong!  Here’s a live album that we’ll still be rocking to 20 years from now!

My rating 100/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)