Review by Jason Houston: Jenner is a Fantastic all female Metal band from Serbia and excuse me for saying this but this band can really deliver the goods! There’s no denying that the Jenner girls are quite nice to look at but they’re a far cry from being the second coming of THE SPICE GIRLS!

What you get on Jenner’s CD:  “To Live Is To Suffer” is an 8 track CD full of nothing but full throttle, aggressive, full speed ahead Metal that will take you back to the days of Classic Metal bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with a great twist of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal!  The band is very Priest influenced to me but they’ve also got a great sound that is really is all their own.

After listening to “To Live Is To Suffer” I wasn’t left with the thought that Jenner is a Priest clone band! Rather I listened to all eight songs on this CD and what I heard was a band that just oozes with talent and yet proudly wears their influences on their sleeves and this is a band that seems to be very proud of being loud and is quite proud of who they are!

The album title to me is just so METAL like everything else about the effort! The Title: To Live Is To Suffer reminds me of hos so very often in life will suffer through a tragedy and come out stronger! Life is not always a bed of roses maybe but if you do yourself a favor and check out this CD you like me I think will be reminded of what Heavy Metal really means and what it means to be a Heavy Metal fan!

Song Titles: 1.Factory Of Death   2.Hear The Thunder Roar   3.Demon’s Call  4.The Heath Is Coming   5.On The Judgement Day   6.How Deep Is Your Greed   7. Silent Killer   8.Opened

Just some final thoughts I had on some of the individual songs here.

“Factory Of Death” – Love the title here, great track to open the album with, pure, full, speed Metal, very aggressive guitar playing. After listening to this one I thought it reminded me of Classic Judas Priest with a twist of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal!

“Demons Call” – Just like Judas priest before them Jenner are The Modern Day Defenders Of The Heavy Metal Faith and they seem quite capable in their ability to deliver their own Heavy Metal goods!

“On The Judgment Day” – Jenner is All Metal – All The Time, I have not heard guitar playing like this since the early days of both Priest and Maiden!

“Opened” – This is such a great track to end the album with and I love the great irony in the fact that the final track on this CD is titled “Opened” !

So my advice to you is if you’re at all a fan of CLASSIC METAL then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Jenner’s “To Live Is To Suffer” because these girls deliver a great collection of Metal tunes that will not disappoint anyone who is a True Metal fan!  You get 8 tracks here but believe me, it’s all Killer and there’s no filler ! As Jenner says “To Live Is To Suffer” but the real suffering here will be if you’re a METAL HEAD and you don’t add this CD to your Collection! Additional info at: Jenner Facebook  / Infernö Records Official Homepage

JENNER Line-up: *Aleksandra Stamenković – guitars  *Marija Dragićević – drums
*Mina Petrović – bass guitar  *Anđelina Mitić – vocals

My rating: 95/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)